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What a delivery! Watch Kurzawa hand PSG shirt to driver on motorway

Whether queuing up outside training sessions or writing impassioned pleas on social media, fans will go to great lengths for memorabilia from their football heroes.

Players do not always share the same determination when it comes to handing over gifts or autographs, but for those willing to go the extra mile, Layvin Kurzawa might just have set a new benchmark.

The Paris Saint-Germain full-back posted a video on Twitter of him passing an away shirt to a delighted fan through the window of a car as it travelled down the motorway.

Kurzawa was evidently the passenger in his vehicle but the lucky recipient of the jersey was very much behind the wheel of his own, and perhaps not giving the road due care and attention as a result.

Still, the incident passed without any problems and one man in Paris now holds a valuable item. It's certainly a good way to drive the fans wild...

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