Give yourself a boost

Eliminate the threat of the extra man with one of these caffeine options, suggested by Newcastle nutritionist Mayur Ranchordas

Energy gel

Ever wondered what players are taking when they suck on a sachet during a break in play? A caffeinated energy gel, that’s what. They aren’t available at your local newsagent so stock up before the weekend online or at a supermarket.

Caffeine supplement

Just as portable as the energy gel but slightly easier to find, caffeine pills like Pro Plus will put mental fuel in the tank as you star for your outmatched side.

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Thermos of coffee

You might look like an old age pensioner sipping from a trusty Thermos, but you certainly won’t be running like one. Getting some coffee inside you will give your muscles the fuel they need to do the running for two men.

How to win with 10 men

Your psychotic team-mate has just seen red. What to do? Stay calm and channel FFT’s experts

Match them tactically
Get focused
Don't dwell on it

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