Playing the offside trap as a full-back: the do's and don'ts

Positioning is key to snaring a striker in an offside trap, says former Spurs left back Chris Hughton

Catching a slippery striker in a well laid offside trap requires a pair of responsible full-backs.

Pre-occupied with the flight of a pass, the movement of their man and on rushing midfielders, central defenders are often under siege and need their full-backs to give the green light for an ambush.

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From their position out wide the full-back has to watch along the line, be aware of the winger's threat and know when to make the call to 'step up'.

Upon their command the defence pushes out, forcing the attackers to retreat in order to avoid being offside.

Former Tottenham and Republic of Ireland defender Chris Hughton was bestowed with this responsibility from his left back berth.

In this video he explains the roll of a full-back in playing the offside trap.

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