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Last 5 mins and you need a goal

Last season Sunderland lost 13 points from goals conceded in the 80th minute or later. This proves two things: The Black Cats struggled to hold their nerve under pressure and a game is never lost until the final whistle.

Late goals don't just arrive by a twist of fate, there's a tactical game plan, according to Norwich City gaffer, Chris Hughton. 

"It’s important that you’re penetrating. The ideal way to do this is to get the ball wide, either to deliver a cross or to keep their full-backs pinned back," the former Tottenham defender explained.

"If you’re struggling to break them down, shift to four upfront by giving one of your central midfielders license to join the attack."

Equip your playbook with a considered last roll of the dice, by watching Hughton explain more in this video.

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