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How to counter the high press

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola led Barcelona to incredible success with his possession-based style of football, but by his own admission the Catalans were weak defensively.

"We play in the other team's half as much as possible because I get worried when the ball is in my half," he said during his four-year stint in charge at Camp Nou.

"We're a horrible team without the ball so I want us to get it back as soon as possible and I'd rather give away fouls and the ball in their half than ours."

By pressing high up the pitch Barcelona ambushed the opposition and won the ball back within seconds of losing it - but how do you overcome this siege tactic?

Brighton manager Chris Hughton says "brave movement" from your central midfielders can help you create space and evade the mass of bodies swarming the man on the ball.

Find out more by watching this video.

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