Win your title decider

Want to come out on top in that winner-takes-all season-ender? It's all about the three Ps: patience, possession and poise, says the Nike Academy's assistant coach, Matt Wells

It's the last day of the season, top versus second in a winner takes all title decider. How do you inflict damage in the final third, without committing too many players forward and leaving yourself open at the back?

In a high stakes game involving two teams of equal ability, you have to bide your time and play smart, says Nike Academy assistant coach, Matt Wells.

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"In a title decider you want to be patient and secure, you don't want to be bombing forward," he told FFT.

"You want to keep possession and wait for the opportunity to take your chance and win the game."

Communicating this game plan to your team is one thing, teaching them how to do it is another.

Thankfully, the Nike Academy's talented coach has devised a drill to help you sharpen your passing skills and tactical acumen.

"In this drill we're looking for the team in possession to keep the ball, be patient, look for opportunities to bounce it around the back three and wait for the chance to play forward and go and hurt the opposition," explained Wells.

Watch this video and make sure your team is equipped for the big occasion.

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