Score a last minute goal to make it to extra-time

Train your team to stick to the passing game when the pressure is on, courtesy of this drill from the Nike Academy's assistant coach, Matt Wells

You're 2-1 down in the cup final and time is running out. The opposition are defending deep to protect their lead and everything you try is repelled by a wall of defenders.

Time to send on the big man and hit it long? Wrong. Now is the time to be patient and stick to your passing game.

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The Nike Academy's assistant coach, Matt Wells, has a drill that will help your team unlock the opposition's defence, with short, sharp, incisive passing.

"You want to stretch the defensive relationships. Look to move the ball in small units," Wells told FFT.

"The longer the pass the more time a defence has to shift across as a whole unit, but if you move the ball with little, short passes the opposition will start to come out as individuals to press the ball.

"Then it's about forward movement, body shape and momentum."

Watch this training video to make sure your team is prepared to hold their nerve when the pressure is on.

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