Boost your hamstring strength

Keep off the treatment table by building bulletproof hamstrings, thanks to this exercise from Micah Richards

According to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, you’re more likely to suffer a hamstring injury during sport than any other muscle.

Thankfully, there’s an exercise that can help prevent a painful ping down the back of the leg – the Nordic curl (as seen in this video).

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Manchester City’s Micah Richards can endorse this theory. The athletic full back was suffering from hamstring problems before the club’s head of sports science, Sam Erith, introduced Nordic curls to his gym routine.

Since then Richards’ legs have remained fit and healthy.

“I had a lot of problems at the beginning of last season with my hamstrings, but since I’ve been doing this exercise properly I haven’t had any,” Richards told FFT.

But this is an exercise that has to be performed in moderation, warns Erith.

“This is a great injury prevention exercise for the hamstrings, but you have to be careful when you do it – don’t do it close to games because it brings on quite a bit of muscle damage and fatigue.”

Avoid a lengthy period on the sidelines nursing an injury by watching this video and upgrading you hamstring workout.

Micah is an ambassador for If U Care Share, a charity that encourages young people to discuss their problems:

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