Switch on your glutes for 90 minutes: Part one

Reduce the risk of injury and increase explosiveness in your lower half with this exercise from Micah Richards

Micah Richards’ legs are built like cannons, but they’re not just for show – they’re designed for purpose.

His explosive power generators are the driving force behind his jumps, sprints and strikes of the ball.

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One of the muscles central to these actions is the gluteus medius. As well as acting as a source of strength itself, it also helps to stabilise the hip – another key muscle for the functions of football.

An exercise as simple as a band resisted clam shell is ideal for strengthening this muscle, as Manchester City’s head of sports science, Sam Erith, explains.

“The gluteus medius is a stabiliser. When players are doing a lot of running and actions that you use for football, these muscles need to be working hard to help the pelvis and hip stabilise and keep control.”

Not only will this exercise increase your lower-body strength, but it will also lower your risk of injury.

“If your glutes are not strong and you don’t keep them switched on then the work has to be done somewhere else, overloading areas we don’t want overloaded. By doing this type of work you’re reducing the risk of injury,” Erith told FFT.

“These are the sort of little exercises amateur players don’t concentrate on and you just go out there and play, but these make the difference between picking up an unnecessary injury and not.”

Use the exercise demonstrated by Richards in this video to help activate your glutes and maximise your power.

Micah is an ambassador for If U Care Share, a charity that encourages young people to discuss their problems: www.ifucareshare.co.uk

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