Build explosive power

This split squat exercise from Micah Richards will help you tackle harder and jumper higher

Want to steamroll through tackles and out leap your opponents? FFT has just the exercise: The split squat.

This exercise activates the glutes, quads and hamstrings, adding extra punch to your challenges and inches to your jump.

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But don’t just take it from us. Listen to Sam Erith, Manchester City’s head of sports science.

“The split squat is a really important exercise for a footballer. It puts the player in a position they will commonly experience out on the pitch,” he told FFT.

“It’s a really good all round leg and core exercise. Not only is it great for injury prevention, but also for building explosive power.”

It’s an exercise he assigns to powerful athletes like Micah Richards, who tear around the pitch and overpower the opposition with their athletic ability.

“The split squat is great because it helps him to be strong in the tackle position and power up for headers as he challenges opponents,” explained Erith.

“These power exercises, where you work with short reps and explosive fast movements, will help with acceleration, but also deceleration – something we often forget about.

“Micah will naturally produce very quick acceleration, but where he’s challenged is slowing down.

“This sort of exercise will give him the strength and stability to slow down with one or two steps so that he can produce a cross after a burst of speed.”

Master the split squat exercise by watching this tutorial video with Erith and Richards at City’s training ground.

Micah Richards is an ambassador for If U Care Share, a charity that encourages young people to discuss any problems they have. For more information visit

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