David Luiz: How to be a modern defender

Hi David. You seem to have a very laidback personality – how do you stay so relaxed on the pitch?
I'm anything but relaxed! But thanks; I'm happy you think that. When you play at this level of football there is no room for being relaxed at any second at all. As a Chelsea player, I’m involved in top-level competitions all season long and my level of concentration is just as high as my responsibilities. The day before every game, I’m already living it. I think about the game, plan my strategy, focus on my opponent’s ability and so on. This thought process continues until the final whistle of the game and it soon starts again in preparation for the next match. 

Some players describe suffering from pre-match nerves – is this something you’ve experienced?
The most important thing is to forget everything that surrounds you away from football and focus on the manager’s advice. If you have got his confidence and also your team-mates’, as well, it’s all you need to show your quality on the pitch. Facing tough moments throughout the 90 minutes is part of the game, but you have to remain focused and forget any particular mistake that might happen. If you manage to do so and keep calm, you end up avoiding bad decisions.   

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