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Dealing with a packed schedule: the essentials

Footballers moan about the amount of games they have to play, but compared to the stars of the  NBA they've got it easy.

During a regular NBA season, each team plays 82 games. Once you've slogged your way through that torturous assault course, surely it's time for a well earned rest? Not if your team makes it to the playoffs. Embark on a championship winning run and your legs might have to carry you through another 28 contests.

And don't forget the mileage the average NBA team  clocks up travelling across America during a season - 44,816 to be exact (2010-11 season). It's no stroll across Stanley Park, between Anfield and Goodison Park (less than one mile).

Performance specialist Andy Barr has had a taste of life in the Premier League and the NBA.

After leaving the Premier League behind, Barr joined the New York Knicks' backroom staff,  has found out what it's like to negotiate the Tour de France of packed schedules.

Here the former Bolton, Southampton and Manchester City man gives you advice about preparing your body for a grueling timetable.

And after all those canceled games during the winter, you're going to need it….

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