Eat and get lean

Stuff yourself and still lose weight, with this meal plan used by food expert Drew Price when he was consultant nutritionist at Chelsea


• Scrambled eggs (3 whole, 3 whites)

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• One piece of wholegrain toast

• One large scoop of natural yoghurt

• One piece of fruit



Large chicken salad: 

• One roast chicken breast

• One rasher of bacon, diced

• Lots of salad vegetables (lettuce, 
red onions, tomatoes and so on)

• Olive oil dressing 



• 250g (8oz) lean steak

• 2-3 servings of mixed roast vegetables (peppers, red onions, garlic, courgettes, asparagus, tomatoes) plus salt, pepper, herbs and 3 tbsp olive oil for flavour

• 75g brown rice (stir juice from roasting pan into the rice for extra flavour)



• Almonds, cashews, walnuts, hummus, low-sodium beef jerky


Expert says

“A big part of making a diet easier to stick to is having plenty of protein and fibrous veg to help fill you up,” says nutritionist Price, author of The Day On, Day Off Diet.


“Here we have plenty of both: chicken, steak and eggs for protein, and fruit or 
veg with each meal. Both contain a lot of the nutrients your body needs to maintain and build lean mass without contributing huge amounts of calories.


“Even when you’re trying to lose weight, fats are essential – but they’re calorie-dense, which is why you need good fats which are contained in eggs, lean meat, nuts and olive oil.


“Lastly, carbs are included to support recovery from training and hormone function to ensure you have the energy to train with the intensity required to build fitness and lose fat. Cutting back too far on either calories or carbs is not good as you need to maintain activity levels when training for sport, especially for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions.” More on them below.


The DODO Diet by Drew Price is published by Vermilion and available for £10.99

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