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Evade your marker in the box


Back to goal, place a blue cone on the penalty spot and a red cone in line, five yards further from goal. Put a white and red cone three yards either side of the blue cone, two yards deeper. A passer stands on either side, to cross the ball.



Sprint from the blue cone to red, backpedal to blue, then accelerate to either the white or green cone before turning to receive the ball and shoot. As you’re backpedalling, the passers call out which one will cross. Mix up the feeds – volleys, headers, chest control – and do six reps, with 30 seconds’ recovery between. You can vary the distance from goal and introduce a goalkeeper and defender to beat.



Keep your head up, stay on the balls of your feet and drive your arms to help change direction, and this will improve your movement in the box.

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This drill was designed by performance coach Glen Thurgood, director of the Training Shed. For more visit