4 exercises to help you jump higher

Strength and conditioning coach Mathew Monte-Colombo on how to get lift-off


Squat jumps

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Technique Set your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your hips and knees. Sink back into your heels, then explode upwards, jumping as high as you can. Absorb the impact of the leap in the front part of your feet, transferring the weight into the middle and rear of your feet.

Reps 6-10

Sets 3-5

How it helps This exercise will develop strength in your legs, giving you power.



Box jumps

Technique Stand in front of a 30cm-high box. Jump as high as you can, landing on the box with both feet. Steady yourself, step off the box and repeat. Your legs should be fully extended at the peak of your jump – don’t tuck them in.

Reps 6-10

Sets 3-5

How it helps Box jumps improve your agility and explosive jumping power for rising to meet a cross.



Lateral jumps

Technique Stand to the side of a mini-hurdle. Using the squat jump technique, leap sideways over the hurdle, swinging your arms to generate more momentum. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Reps 6-10

Sets 3-5

How it helps This workout will improve your ability to dodge tackles and attack the ball from different angles.



Single leg hops

Technique Stand on one leg, leaping upwards as high as you can, using your take-off leg and arms to propel your leap. Land on both legs and repeat the single leg hop off the other foot.

Reps 6-10

Sets 3-5

How it helps Working on these jumps will train your legs for single leg hops over tackles, and continuing your run after landing.

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