Salomon Kalou: How to be a super sub

“I always seem to start matches from the bench for my team. Is there anything I can do to make sure I make an impact when I come on?”
Tom Bencott, via email

Salomon Kalou says:

“The most important thing about being a sub is to remember to enjoy your football every time you play. Some players worry so much about how many minutes they will get on the pitch, but you can’t think like that.

My philosophy is when you’re on the pitch, whether as a sub or a starter, do the job you’re supposed to – and never forget that even as a sub you can do a very important job for the team. When you do get the call to join the game, you have to go in focused.

As a sub, your first touch is very important to build confidence. I always tell myself as I’m running on the pitch, ‘If my first touch is good, I’m going to play well today.’

While you’re on the bench, you shouldn’t watch the game in the same way as a spectator. I always concentrate on my particular area of the pitch to see what the opposition player is doing in that area.

I make mental notes of what he’s doing right and what he’s doing wrong and I think about what I can do to get the better of him if I get to come on.

Do that and you’re ready to make the difference.”

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