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Shut down your opponent


Mark out a plyometric ladder and face it straight on. Bring your left leg off the floor so that you’re standing on your right, ready to hop.

The drill

Start to sink into a single leg squat – when you’re a quarter of the way down explode upwards, using your arms to propel your leap. Land in every second ladder space. To generate power quickly you must focus on minimizing the depth you drop to. Fully extend at the top of your jump. Upon landing ensure your hips stay level to help you decelerate. Stabilize yourself before attempting the next jump. This will help your landing mechanics. Being able to slow down is important when you’re trying to close down opponents on the pitch.
Sets: 3 (Each leg)
Reps: 4-6 jumps


Once you master this exercise try to do it continuously without stabilizing between each jump. You will need to minimize your contact time with the floor to execute this successfully. This will help improve your speed and explosive power.

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