23 June 2017
A decade is a long time to forget who won what – but see how many of these triumphant top dogs you can name from that period
22 June 2017
Seeing as we're celebrating the game's best bosses this week, it only seems right to quiz you on the men who've lifted club football's biggest prize. On your marks... 
21 June 2017
See the trophies, name the managers. Easy, right?
David Beckham
20 June 2017
Starting from Italia 90, England have played 51 games at World Cups and European Championships. Name the nations they faced...
19 June 2017
Every England World Cup and European Championship goalscorer, stretching right back to Euro 96. How many of the 25 can you name?
16 June 2017
They’ve cheated this quiz by developing talent via a superb youth system (pah!), but Barca have bought in some special – and not-so-special – players too...
Real Madrid
15 June 2017
It's the club that’s given us galacticos, record-breaking fees and a burning desire to buy your club's best player - but do you know their 50 most expensive signings?
Manchester City
14 June 2017
They’ve splashed the cash like few other clubs in the past decade – and outlay has already increased this summer. But can you name Man City’s 50 most whopping signings?
David Ginola
13 June 2017
Spurs tend to invest shrewdly (most of the time). But being a respectable Premier League club, they’ve still thrown a few millions about. Can you tell us who it's bought them?
Thierry Henry
12 June 2017
Arsene Wenger has been accused of being too cautious when it comes to spending, but Arsenal have still invested (at times). Can you name their top 50 most expensive signings?


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