Zlatan Ibrahimovic
4 September 2019
The Swede has scored plenty of goals for big clubs in uncompetitive leagues, but never managed to make the difference on the biggest stages
11 May 2019
We remember the 2011/12 campaign for Agueroooooooo's famous goal, but that moment was only possible because the Red Devils threw it all away...
PSG history
29 April 2019
They ain’t got no history? Au contraire! says James Eastham
European Super League
15 April 2019
Teams at the top of English football will soon face a choice: go alone with the greed which seeks to preserve the current elite, or get left behind
Eden Hazard Real Madrid leaving
11 April 2019
Garry Hayes is perfectly happy to contemplate life without the Belgian if and when he decides to join Real Madrid – and here's why
Europa League
9 April 2019
Thursday nights on... er, BT Sport? Yes please, says Jack Beresford, who argues that Europe’s other cup competition is long overdue reappraisal
5 April 2019
Was it ever really a thing? Not so, says Graham Ruthven, who argues that revisionists have meddled with reality 
Grasshopper Zurich fans
2 April 2019
Nowadays, the way we consume football means that age-old sniffiness about only backing one team has become obsolete, argues Michael Dalton
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