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"I remember thinking, holy guacamole!" Getting to know... West Ham's Zaneta Wyne and Reading's Faye Bryson

West Ham vs Reading Women
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This article is part of our Ultimate Guide to the Barclays FA Women's Super League and FA Women's Championship

West Ham United Women host Reading Women this weekend in the Barclays FA Women's Super League, as the Women's Football Weekend showcases the north London derby.

FourFourTwo had chance to put 20 questions to West Ham's Zaneta Wyne and Reading's Faye Bryson ahead of the game...

West Ham vs Reading, Sunday November 14, 3pm – Buy tickets | Watch live on The FA Player

You’re making a pre-game playlist – what’s the first song you put on, and why?

Zaneta Wyne, West Ham: The first song I put on is either Money by Leikeli47 or I like it by Cardi B. Not sure why but rap just gets me into this zone of being focused. 

Faye Bryson, Reading: Something the team can vibe/dance too! Maybe at the minute Love Nwantiti – CKay The First.

Best team-mate to room with on an away game trip, and why?

Zaneta Wyne: Well due to Covid we haven’t roomed with anyone but I’d have a few top ones probably Hawa Cissoko. Then she could teach me how to use TikTok properly.

Faye Bryson: Gemma Evans, constant laughs!

Best goal you’ve ever seen?

Zaneta Wyne: The best goal I’ve seen is probably by Caroline Weir in Manchester City’s opening match last season. She hit top bins and with pace wasn’t lobbed or rainbowed in. I remember thinking, holy guacamole.

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Faye Bryson: Sophie Ingle's goal vs Arsenal, left foot volley – her weaker foot.

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Can you describe your Barclays FA Women's Super League debut and how you think it went?

Zaneta Wyne: My first debut for West Ham felt amazing especially being in the Amex Stadium. I think it went unexpectedly. Conceding a red card then going a man down 30mins in was rough. Overall, really proud and happy with the team’s effort at the end.

Faye Bryson: I made my senior Barclays FA Women's Super League debut in 2015 for Everton against London Bees. It was a special moment as I had come through Everton’s academy so to finally play for the first team was everything I had hoped for! And this was just the beginning of my career…

Which club and players do you most look forward to playing against, and why?

Zaneta Wyne:  Every club and every player. This league has got to a point and level where you don’t have an easy week. Which is the challenge and place you want to be in as an athlete. So I’m excited for every game to prove that I can play with all of these great players. 

Faye Bryson: I always look forward to playing Arsenal, playing against some of the best players in the league, like Vivianne Miedema and Katie McCabe.

Last series you binge watched?

Zaneta Wyne: You on Netflix. Well I felt invested cause I watched the first two seasons. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the ending, but here we are. 

Faye Bryson: You on Netflix, you can’t not watch it! Anything crime drama I love to binge watch!

One thing you never leave the house without?

Zaneta Wyne: My water bottle!

Faye Bryson: I never leave the house without some good trainers on, crep check always.

Which of your team-mates has most impressed you this season?

Zaneta Wyne: Mel Fils has really impressed me. She is such a professional and is only 19. I’m excited for her future in the game.

Faye Bryson: Rachel Rowe – she only scores screamers. 

What’s your favourite place in the world, and why?

Zaneta Wyne: My favorite place in the world is a place called Tablerock California. It is one of my favorite beaches and places to just be.

Faye Bryson: I can’t pick one as I love to travel and see the world, I’m a sucker for a place with an amazing view! 

If you could spend the day with one person, celebrity or not, who would it be and what would you do with them?

Zaneta Wyne: I’d spend it with my mom who has passed away. I’d love to just talk and update her on everything that I’ve been up to then just laugh with her again.

Faye Bryson: I would spend the day with Virgil van Dijk around Amsterdam.

What would you do if you weren’t a footballer, and why?

Zaneta Wyne: I’d have to have some part in conservation or renewable energy.

Faye Bryson: I would be a sports psychologist, I have such a passion for mental health and helping people.

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?

Zaneta Wyne: I think I’d choose Disney films as a topic.

Faye Bryson: Knowing different types of dog breeds, I’m a massive dog lover.

Who’s the best player currently playing in the Barclays FA Women's Super League, and why?

Zaneta Wyne: My favourite player in attack is Yui Hasegawa and favourite defensive player is Gilly Flaherty. 

Faye Bryson: I would say currently on form, Katie McCabe. Every game she consistently performs, assisting and scoring from full-back.

What makes you happy and what makes you sad?

Zaneta Wyne: Good food and a warm bed make me happy. 

What makes me sad? Hmmm... I’d say losing a football match, or having a poor performance. 

Faye Bryson: My family and friends make me the happiest!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Zaneta Wyne: Being a West Ham player is what I am most proud of, as well as being an auntie now.

Faye Bryson: Every milestone in my career is a big achievement that I’m proud of!

If you could go back in time, would you? And if so, when would you travel to and why?

Zaneta Wyne: I would travel back in time. I’d travel back to when my dad was younger and was competing in motorcross. I think it would be cool just to watch him doing something he loved and being a kid again. 

Faye Bryson: Yes, 100% – I would go back to being younger with my brother and sister to a park in Liverpool and play for hours on end.

What’s your worst habit?

Zaneta Wyne: My worst habit is losing my house key or car key every other day. 

Faye Bryson: Saying the words ‘like’ and ‘erm’ but that comes with being a Scouser! 

It’s a team karaoke night: who’s on the mic first and who has you reaching for the earplugs?

Zaneta Wyne: I’d think Kate Longhurst or Claudia Walker would be the first to jump up and have a go. Honestly, I would be laughing so hard I wouldn’t have time to reach for earplugs.

Faye Bryson: First to the mic would be a trio of me, Gemma Evans, Rachel Rowe! First to the earplugs would be Natasha Dowie (aka… Mariah Carey wannabe).

What’s the best thing about Women’s Football Weekend, and how excited are you about the season so far?

Zaneta Wyne: I think seeing all the future footballers and current footballers being celebrated and seeing a future for themselves is exciting.

Faye Bryson: A weekend all about women’s football, what else would you want? Every year the league gets more exciting but this year there has been such a big backing by the likes of Sky Sports and this just shows itself how the women’s game is growing, it is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

What can fans expect from Reading vs West Ham this weekend?

Zaneta Wyne: Hopefully they will see us be more clinical and cut throat. Those are main attributes we are trying to fix as a unit. 

Faye Bryson: There was a long break before last week for international duties and everyone can’t wait for the league action to be back especially it being Women’s Football Weekend. Get ready for some exciting football!

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