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Over to you: How you analysed Liverpool vs Tottenham

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Accessing the live-updated stats during the game, @CouchPundito noted Scott Parker's four fouls in the first 39 minutes...

...and at half-time,@SwansBlog (yes, a Swansea blog) noted that only two of Liverpool's 14 crosses had reached their target.

At the same time, Man City fan @_ChrisPrior was noting a rather more effective presence: "It's hardly a controversial point of view, but Luka Modric is awesome."

For all the probings of Modric and others, as regular Stats Zone contributor @footballistix noted, "Very little goalmouth action so far, mainly as neither team can get in the opposition box".

As it turned out, the goals didn't flow in the second half, thanks to the endeavours of people like Scott Parker. @JoseCoaching noted the Tottenham man's interceptions and clearances...

...while @CouchPundito noted the "different jobs" of Parker and his possible England partner Steve Gerrard.

@malccrombie posted "For all you @Charlie26Adam haters" while sharing the Liverpool midfielder's passes.

As ever, it wasn't all praise. Demonstrating his passion for Stats Zone, FourFourTwo's online features editor @JamesMawFFT shared the following at 2am: "Louis Saha completed just one of his seven passes v Liverpool (14%). Integration..."

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