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Stats Zone: Better than ever, award-winning and completely FREE*

Stats Zone is back â as if it ever went away â and now completely FREE for UK users, courtesy of Coral.

Thanks to FourFourTwo's betting partners â who are still offering new sign-ups a free ã10 bet â  you can now download the Stats Zone iOS app without any charge whatsoever. Apart from the cost of electricity, but don't get picky.

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Downloading Stats Zone gives you access to analyse Opta's statistics for the new Premier League season, but also the previous two campaigns â 2011/12 and 2010/11 â and the Champions League data from those seasons too.

You can compare any player or match with any other player or match across any of those seasons, so you could see how teams have changed their tactics to overcome opponents â or compare, say, Manchester United's tactics against Barcelona and Stoke.

And it's updated live within seconds during the game, so you can see exactly what's going on â and use it to back up a hunch or suggest where the gaffer's going wrong.

The new Stats Zone has a couple of innovations, as sneak-previewed during Euro 2012. Firstly, you can check the pass combinations â how many times each player has passed to each of his team-mates â to see where the key understandings are on the field.

For instance, in the first half of the Euro 2012 final, Spain left-back Jordi Alba passed to Andres Iniesta an unequalled 11 times, while on the other flank Alvaro Arbeloa had only found David Silva three times. As the pattern continued in the second half â Alba and Iniesta dovetailing, Arbeloa and Silva strangers â Vicente del Bosque withdrew the Man City player before the hour, despite having opened the scoring. And didn't it work out well for Spain?   

The other major innovation is the goal build-up screen, which shows the move leading up to each goal. You can see the typically patient construction of Danny Graham's late winner for Swansea against an obviously impressed Liverpool, and the rather more urgent route Manchester City took a few minutes later against QPRâ¦

This is in addition to what Stats Zone already analysed for you: possession, territory, player influence, goals, shots (on target, off target and blocked, inside and outside the area, woodwork strikes), passes (all and attacking-third only, assists, chances created, backpasses, long/short, forward/square/backward), crosses, dribbles, corners, offsides, tackles, interceptions, aerial duels, clearances, headed clearances, fouls committed and suffered and disciplinary cards received.

Stats Zone produces (and, again, constantly updates) Top Player lists of the best performers in each discipline: you can choose to analyse teams or players, and even compare teams against players⦠and you can choose what period of time you analyse â so you can see how your mob tailed off in the second half or that slip of a sub changed the game for the visitors. 

RED (or blue, etc) ALERT
Can't get to the match? Use Stats Zone's alerts system to keep you informed. As well as updating itself instantaneously during the game, the app will also let you keep tabs on up to five teams, with push alerts notifying you of starting lineups, goals, red cards, half-time scores and/or full-time results.

Whatever you discover while poking about in there, you can instantly share your screens on Twitter, Facebook, email, Tumblr, Pinboard, LinkedIn, Instapaper, Evernote, Delicious, Diigo, Google Reader, Pocket or Vkontakte, whatever that is.

It's ideal 'second-screen' information when you're watching on TV, and it could also prove you right at the game and finally silence that fat-headed bloke in front of you. And we're watching the @StatsZone Twitter feed, so you might find that the best screens you share get used in a FourFourTwo feature...

During a successful summer, a wildly popular Euro 2012 version was widely downloaded across Europe â and Stats Zone grabbed a hat-trick at the AOP Digital Publishing Awards, winning the Innovation and Use of Mobile awards before walking off with the night's main gong, the Grand Prix 2012. So it's not just us who think Stats Zone's rather good.

NewsThree wins for Stats Zone at AOP Awards

SMALL PRINT (not literally)
Stats Zone is free to UK users thanks to the benevolence of our betting partners Coral. You could thank them by taking a tenner off them â sign up to our betting microsite and they'll give you a free ã10 wedge to wager. 

As for our beloved friends overseas, you can still download the app for free, complete with all that lovely data from the 2010/11 and 2011/12 Premier League and Champions League campaigns. And once you've analysed that, you may well agree that paying $2.99 or â¬2.39 for the new Premier League season is a bit of a bargainâ¦

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