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Allardyce lifts lid on owner relationship

Recent reports have suggested the 59-year-old manager has been at loggerheads with co-chairmen David Gold and David Sullivan over transfer targets and the style of play at Upton Park.

In a statement at the end of last season, the club insisted more entertaining football would be required in the 2014-15 campaign, while Sullivan has questioned whether injury-prone forward Andy Carroll should have been signed in 2013.

Writing in the Evening Standard, Allardyce admitted disagreements with Sullivan and Gold had occurred, but made it clear they all remain focused on taking the club forward.

"We've had our differences, there's no doubt about that," the West Ham boss wrote. "For me and them, though, the disagreements come to a conclusion, a decision is made whatever it may be and we all wake up the next day and get on with it.

"We discuss things, we agree or disagree, a decision is made and we move on — finished.

"We have to be decisive. We keep the communication lines open and remind ourselves we're not in this for different reasons — we're all working for the benefit of West Ham.

"We're all trying to make West Ham better, to help the team produce better results and become a greater force in the Premier League."

Allardyce also discussed his contract, which has less than a year to run, hinting he is ready to sign a new deal during the coming campaign.

"Things are similar to the season before I signed this contract," he added. "It was a two-year deal and it ran into the final season before we reached an agreement.

"I had a 10-year contract at Bolton but it didn’t stop me leaving when they showed a lack of ambition and didn't want to go where I believed I could take them.

"This club is different. It will be moving into the Olympic Stadium in two seasons' time and the ambition behind that move means the manager has a responsibility to fashion a squad good enough to go there because the demand will be so great."