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Baldini refutes Tottenham link

The North London club are keen to appoint a technical director at White Hart Lane and had earmarked the Italian as a possible arrival.

However, Baldini, formerly Fabio Capello’s number two at England, has distanced himself from the role, although Spurs remain hopeful they can bring him to the club next summer.

"It is a ritual that every 2-3 months I have to come here to explain things that do not need to be explained," Baldini said.

"There are continuous rumours regarding my departure and other things. This is mortifying. I said when I arrived that I would stay in Rome until the end of this club path or when they would tell me to go away.

"And this has never happened, in fact the club always confirmed their confidence in me. I would leave in the event of physical exhaustion, but despite your efforts that is far from happening.

"I say again, this is humiliating. I have no disagreement with the club and we have built a pretty strong friendship, maybe because we spend 15 hours a day together. 

"I want to reiterate that neither Fenucci, nor Sabatini, nor Baldissioni nor myself have ever had any problems. All that has been said is completely false. Even with my last bit of strength I will defend this club."