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Farina responds to Sydney crisis: 'I'm not clueless'

Writing in his personal blog on Wednesday, Farina said he was unconcerned by the banners being displayed during last Saturday's 3-0 loss to Adelaide United demanding the former Socceroos boss be given his marching orders.

Farina, however, didn't address the stand-off between himself and senior players Carle and Matt Thompson, a dispute that's seen the PFA become involved after the pair were effectively banned from training with the side.

But the coach did fire off something of a back-handed jibe at Carle when he appeared to suggest Carle wasn't doing the job Farina wanted of him.

"I'm happy to talk about what we're trying to do," wrote Farina. "Not that anyone has actually asked.

"For example: what I'm looking for in the seemingly defensive midfield position is a deep-lying playmaker who can use space and time on the ball to create moves in multiple ways, not just attacks on goals.

"Think Pirlo, Xavi, Paul Scholes. With Alessandro del Piero in the side as the club's marquee player, we don't need a second number 10. That's my opinion."

And, for supporters who dismiss his ideas, Farina had this to say:

"No-one has asked me the rationale behind some of the decisions I take," he wrote.

"I have read that, even though I played more than 400 first class domestic league games, played more cup games, played for national teams from when I was 17-31 years of age, won four championships in two countries, several cup championships, played in the equivalent of the Champions League and the Europa League, was leading goalscorer three times in two countries, won player of the year twice in Australia (now the 'Johnny Warren Medal') and once in Belgium, coached around 275 games including a 3rd place for Australia in the Confederations Cup, and am currently completing my Pro-License, I am "clueless" (that's being polite).

"You might disagree with what I do, but one thing I'm not is "clueless" when it comes to football."

Farina – who was sprayed with beer while standing on the sidelines during the Adelaide loss - said he was happy for the fans to voice their opinion.

"I would have to be living on another planet not to be aware of the 'noise' in relation to Sydney FC, me and various incidents on the weekend.

"I thought it would be useful to say a few things about them, as I find there is never really the chance to do so in the 'sound bite' interviews on TV after the game.

"I don't have a problem whatsoever in fans making their views known.

"As I've said before here on this blog and on many other occasions, it's everyone's right to have an opinion and members and fans who pay money each year to belong to a club, are more than entitled to make their view known.

"I also don't have a problem with seeing the sign #FarinaOut. It's an extension of the above. I learned long ago that managing a football team is not a popularity contest," he said.

But the coach opted to defend Sydney FC chief executive Tony Pignata and chairman Scott Barlow amid calls from fans for them to resign as well.

"I was surprised to learn after the game that the second banner in Russian Cyrillic referred to Scott Barlow and Tony Pignata.

"I've worked in many clubs and environments in football, and Sydney FC is one of the more professional organisations I've experienced.

"At Sydney FC, Scott and Tony are approachable; Sydney FC has a rightfully ambitious strategy; we have quality training facilities; a full-time staff; and players are paid a good salary on time. Other than signing-off on contracts, neither the board nor Tony dabble in playing decisions."