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Football Supporters’ Federation sympathises with Derby fans over refreshment policy

The Football Supporters’ Federation has sympathised with Derby fans following their criticism of the club’s refreshment policy for Pride Park.

The policy outlines that bringing food and drink into the stadium is “prohibited unless a supporter has specific dietary or sustenance requirements because of a registered medical condition.”

A reminder of the policy, which has been on the club website for several years, was published on Monday and drew derision from the fanbase – with one supporter starting a petition to get Derby to change its rules.

In a statement, the FSF told PA: “Football clubs are increasingly security conscious and in the main supporters back their club’s attempts to make the match safer.

“However, banning all food and drink without explanation or clarification that free water will be provided threatens to undermine those efforts.

“Many fans have reacted negatively to Derby County’s announcement and argued that it is simply a way to ensure fans spend more on refreshments.”

Almost 1,400 people have so far signed a petition entitled: “Calling on Derby County to reverse the no refreshments policy.”

The petition, started by Paul Collins on, calls on the Championship club to either reverse the refreshment policy or lower the prices of the food and drink available within the stadium.

It reads: “The club charges far too much for refreshments. We call on DCFC to either allow people to take their own drinks into Pride Park Stadium or lower the prices to a fairer price.”