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Mauro: Allegri should have Chelsea talks

Former Juventus midfielder Massimo Mauro said it is perfectly acceptable for coach Massimiliano Allegri to consider an offer to take over Chelsea next season.

Allegri is seen as the frontrunner for the Chelsea job, after the Premier League champions parted with Jose Mourinho in December.

While Juventus fans are anxious for Allegri to stay having guided the club to a Serie A title and a Champions League final last season, Mauro believes it is only fair for the Italian boss to sound out all his options.

"A professional has to always hear the offer of those looking for him. That is fair. This is what clubs do and what players and managers have to do. It is not a scandal if Allegri is entertaining a conversation with Chelsea to map out his own future," Mauro told Omnisport.

"This doesn't mean he is not committing 100 percent for Juventus. I wouldn't be scandalised if he will end up at Chelsea.

"Actually, I wish he could as far as rumours on his salary to be go… Juventus will find another manager. Players and managers go, only the club remain."

But Mauro avoided making direct comparisons between Allegri and Mourinho.

Mauro added: "I don't see him like Mou's heir. Allegri is much more moderate in his way to manage things, but don't get me wrong. I don't mean Allegri is a lord and Mourinho a buffoon!

"They are two worlds apart, though. And Allegri's Chelsea would be completely different than Mourinho's."