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Sevilla's Europa League record means nothing - Klopp

Sevilla's superb record in the Europa League will have no impact on Wednesday's final, according to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Unai Emery's side have won the last two tournaments and have already made history by becoming the first team to reach three finals in a row.

Klopp accepts that Sevilla's experience in recent years will help them with their preparations for the showdown in Basle but does not believe it will give them any kind of advantage over Liverpool.

"What we know is that they have another game [the Copa del Rey final] after this game," he told the club's official website. "They have a big final again. They have two finals, that's a big difference. 

"But they are quite experienced and will be ready too, no doubt about this. When you are experienced, it doesn't mean you have an advantage, it's only one part of all the parts around the game and in the game you have to rule or solve. There's no advantage for one team.

"If you won it last year, what does it mean? If you won it two years ago, what does it mean? Actually nothing, so it's another game. 

"We didn't play them last year in the final, we didn't play them two years ago in the final, so it's the first time they play against us. So that's our big advantage because we think we are quite different to all other teams in this moment. That's what we'll try to use."

Klopp admits there is a certain amount of pressure on Liverpool to finish the season with a trophy - and a place in the Champions League - but he has no concerns over the confidence of his players.

"It's kind of a strange feeling, of course. I'm really looking forward to it but I know it will be real work," he said. "There will be pressure and a lot of things around the game. It's very important that we handle this close to perfection. That's what I think about.

"The problem in football always is that there's another team with the same target. But we know about that, so that's no real issue. Belief in our strength will be at 100 per cent before the game, for sure."