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Tan vows to lead Cardiff back to Premier League

Cardiff's relegation from the English top flight, after just one season, was confirmed last weekend, yet Tan insists he is not about to walk away.

The Malaysian businessman is also willing to reconsider his controversial decision to change Cardiff's colours from blue to red - a move that was met with disapproval from the majority of fans.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Tan said: "I would like to focus on getting back to the Premier League and after we are there I will definitely agree to sit down and find a solution - maybe we can have a compromise.

"I am not a quitter. I will stay until we get ourselves up and then we will see whether we can work out this colour change and compromise. If we can, maybe I will stay for a long time.

"Let us get back to Premier League first and, after we are there, I assure fans, the Supporters' Trust and all of them, that I will sit down with them and we will find a solution that I hope will be satisfactory for all - for them and for me also."

Having invested heavily in Cardiff, Tan is determined to fulfil his ambitions with the club.

"No-one should question my commitment. I will not quit while we are in this situation. I am not a quitter, nor a loser. A quitter never wins; a winner never quits," he added.

"I will convert some of my debt to equity but not all because the amount is very big. The club owes me maybe £120m and I put in £140m or £150m. Maybe I will convert £50m and leave £100m debt.

"I won't walk away and let it go bust because if I want to walk away I must go and look for a new owner to take my place. That is being responsible. I don't do things in an irresponsible manner.

"I have a better chance of recouping my investment if it (the club) is in the Premier League."

Tan has welcomed former manager Malky Mackay's decision to drop all legal claims against the club following his dismissal in December.

"For legal reasons I cannot comment on the detail," Tan explained. "But I'm pleased that finally we have a closure on this matter and suffice to say he is dropping all litigation, all claims against us.

"I'm pleased with the result and I'm also pleased that he has publicly apologised.

"I said before, one day some people will apologise to me for what they have done. Some people made me out like the villain. I'm supposed to be the Bond villain, but actually I'm James Bond."