Mike Gridley/isiphotos.com
26 April 2017
Play up top, play wide, but in U.S. Soccer, you don't play high through the middle. How Lavelle develops could change that.
ISI Photos-Jane Gershovich
26 April 2017
After three seasons of waiting, Haley Kopmeyer is now firmly Reign FC's No. 1, and her ceiling is high - like, best-in-NWSL high.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
26 April 2017
A club legend has been brought back to start the new venture, one that could prove a new battleground with a coming rival.
ISI Photos-Daniel Bartel
25 April 2017
The Red Stars have tried Christen Press as a No. 10, but she's back up top, where she belongs - for now.
ISI Photos-Jane Gershovich
20 April 2017
Advanced data is yet another way in which women's soccer is catching up to the men's game.
ISI Photos-Amy Kontras
19 April 2017
A-Rod's comeback lasted less than an hour for FC Kansas City this season, but a circuitous path to the top offers hope of a return.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
18 April 2017
First, it was Horan. Now, Pugh. As women's professional opportunities grow, so will the number of players skipping college to leverage them.
Craig Mitchelldyer
17 April 2017
Advanced data finally arrives to the NWSL, and we're taking a look at a few interesting numbers from Week 1.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
14 April 2017
Detractors of Long's game remain, but for the Portland Thorns and, now, the USWNT, she has thrived.
Daniel Bartel-ISI Photos
13 April 2017
Youth development, particularly in his own background, has Chicago's head coach charting a different course to NWSL success.


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