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The Performance Challenge: Swansea City Academy

Centre midfielder Tom Holland’s effort is well worth watching: with enviable speed and accuracy, he bamboozles the keeper and pumps home his first five efforts. Alas, on the last one he suffers from total head loss, and believing himself to be Leo Messi, attempts an audacious chip that blunders over the bar. 


Silky left-footed midfielder Kieran Evans, meanwhile, is just as impressive. We won’t spoil it for you, but we’ll just say this: it’s not only in Formula One where split seconds come into play: Evans and Holland are separated by just 0.01 on our leaderboard. Click now to see who wins.

The less said about midfielder Kyle Copp’s raggedy effort, the better, however. An off day for the lad.


But stop laughing – could you do better? It’s time to find out. Download and print out a copy of the drill using the link at the top of the page, take the challenge with your side, and share your efforts on Twitter with #PerformanceChallenge for @FFTPerformance and @CoachEduRubio to check out!

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