Hiddink: Tottenham lacked control of champions

Interim Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink says Tottenham will need to control their emotions if they want to be Premier League champions.

Chelsea interim manager Guus Hiddink said Tottenham failed to show the necessary control to win the Premier League.

Hiddink watched on as his side came back from 2-0 down amid a Tottenham mental breakdown on Monday, earning a 2-2 draw that ended Mauricio Pochettino's side's hopes of a maiden Premier League title, handing Leicester City the silverware.

The Dutchman, who will make way for Antonio Conte at season's end, said champions - as Leicester have proven - require cool heads.

"They lost the control to play as champions," Hiddink said ahead of Chelsea's trip to Sunderland on Saturday.

"I don't think in all the emotion that the Chelsea players were tackling rudely and trying to injure.

"The team who should have been frustrated was Chelsea at 2-0 down!"

Hiddink said once Tottenham's players started losing control and lunging into reckless challenges, they had spelt the beginning of the end for their title chances.

"Some [Spurs players] lost their control. After that it’s difficult to come back playing as a potential champion," Hiddink added.

"There were not many Chelsea players who went into the red zone. There were some yellows but I think it was more of protesting than violent play.

"Spurs are a good team to see, a young team and they might think differently.

"But I think it's a very good lesson for them in that situation - that you can play more like a champion and not get involved in incidents that might be counter-productive."

Hiddink also suggested Pochettino did not do enough to stop some of the dangerous tackles his players were attempting.

"But I can hopefully make a judgment when one of my players is tackling or whatever," he added. "Then we will say 'Hey, my friend, we do not do that this way. We'll be on top of that, it's harming the team'.

"But also when you are having the proximity of being a champion or a candidate and you are winning already then it's a rather luxury situation where you have to control yourself."

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Firstly, this is a young team, unaccustommed to this kind of deliberately constructed situation. Secondl,y two Chelsea players, members of a team due to play BOTH contenders in the final games, came out and said prior to the game, that they wanted Leicester to win; this in itself ought to bring a charge of bringing the game into disrepute. Thirdly, the game didn't begin with Spurs smashing unpleasantly into mild-mannered opponents out of their depth, but the other way round, with the foot left in, the jump in the face, the sneer and the snarl coming from a pumped-up and nasty Chelsea; a 50/50 ball was dealt with by groups of players surrounding Clattenburg, demanding 'retribution'. Despite this Spurs secured, calmly, a 2 - 0 lead. Still the winding up continued and Spurs lost it and with that lost control of the game. We will learn from this; this Chelsea team WON'T because it is old, disintegrating and has already lost the will to consistently work together and to succeed as a team. It has become a loose collection of aging privateers, able to unite vindictively, but unable any longer to sustain. Ultimately this Spurs team will regroup, and go on to greater things; Chelsea will dip into the Russian mafiosi's bank account, the money of a shallow man without discrimination who also is a jew owning a team which hisses anti-semitism.