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How to watch An Impossible Job, the Graham Taylor England documentary

Graham Taylor, how to watch An Impossible Job
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How to watch An Impossible Job on Channel 4, Monday October 25, 11.10pm

Looking for how to watch An Impossible Job? We've got you covered with our handy guide.

When Graham Taylor granted Channel 4 TV cameras full access to his England camp in 1993, little could he have predicted the furore that followed. 

The film hung the beleaguered Three Lions boss out to dry with his Taylorisms and played an integral role in his downfall.

Handing them unprecedented access, the film certainly wouldn't get made today – and it's hard to understand how it got made back then either. 

With unintelligible idioms ("Do I not like that?"), inexplicable decision-making and a truly, truly remarkable level of swearing, An Impossible Job (originally called The Impossible Job, which is how Channel 4 are billing it now) is easily one of the greatest sports documentaries ever made.

Channel 4 is airing it on Monday night, and while it is on at the rather unsociable hour of 11.10pm, the broadcaster's rights to the film surely mean it will end up on the All4 streaming service soon after.

If you're out of the country this week but still want to watch an England manager shout "Can we not knock it?" at a team of baffled professional footballers, see below for some VPN advice.

The documentary is on at 11.10pm BST on Monday, October 25, and UK viewers can watch live on Channel 4.

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VPN guide

Use a VPN to watch 'An Impossible Job' football from outside your country

If you’re out of the country tonight, then you won't be able to log on to All4 as normal – the broadcaster knows where you are because of your IP address (boo!). You'll be blocked from watching it, which is not ideal if you’ve paid up for a subscription and still want to catch the action without resorting to illegal feeds you’ve found on Reddit.

But assistance is on hand. To get around that, all you have to do is get a Virtual Private Network (VPN), assuming it complies with your broadcaster’s T&Cs. A VPN creates a private connection between your device and t'internet, meaning the service can’t work out where you are and won't automatically block the service you've paid for. All the info going between is entirely encrypted – and that's a result.

There are plenty of good-value options out there, including:

VPN legal disclaimer for Premier League live stream

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ExpressVPN including a 30-day, money-back guarantee

FourFourTwo’s brainy office mates TechRadar love its super speedy connections, trustworthy security and the fact it works with Android, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS4 and loads more. You also get a money-back guarantee, 24/7 support and it's currently available for a knockdown price. Go get it! 

NordVPN NordLocker

NordVPN with quality mobile and desktop apps

A cheaper option and almost ExpressVPN's equal when it comes to quality, too. A single subscription covers six connections, so you can use it on mobile, laptop, streaming devices and more, all at the same time.

Surfshark Surfshark VPN

Surfshark offers a great VPN at a fraction of the price

It's clear to see why Surfshark is top of TechRadar's best cheap VPN table – it combines an excellent product with bargain pricing, starting at £2/$2.50 a month!

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