21 May 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo may be Real Madrid's chief threat, but Andrew Robertson wants Liverpool to keep every opponent quiet in Kiev.
13 May 2018
Liverpool wrapped up a second successive top-four finish in the Premier League with a comfortable victory at Anfield.
3 May 2018
Andrew Robertson was relegated with Hull City last season and the Liverpool man struggled to believe he was into a Champions League final.
2 May 2018
Win or lose, Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson is determined to enjoy a Champions League final a year on from relegation with Hull City.
Ashley Young Manchester United
20 April 2018
A penalty-loving Serb, reinvented Manchester United full-back and free-scoring Seagull – they all feature in Barnaby Lane’s look at the top-flight stars who’ve pleasantly surprised in 2017/18
Andrew Robertson PFA team
5 April 2018
It's announced in late April, but let’s face it: the votes are in already and no player can change their status now. Which means Greg Lea can (almost certainly) predict the winners...
8 March 2018
A seven-year-old Red has set an example we should all follow – and been recognised by one of his team's stars in the process
4 March 2015
Andrew Robertson hopes to re-establish himself as a Hull City regular in the final 10 games of the Premier League season after returning on Tuesday.


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