Andrew Robertson Liverpool
3 September 2018
Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson has told FourFourTwo of his challenging first few months at Anfield, and admits that he needed the support of those close to him to make it through.   
26 August 2018
Alisson's confidence behind the Liverpool defence is proving infectious, according to Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold.
21 May 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo may be Real Madrid's chief threat, but Andrew Robertson wants Liverpool to keep every opponent quiet in Kiev.
13 May 2018
Liverpool wrapped up a second successive top-four finish in the Premier League with a comfortable victory at Anfield.
3 May 2018
Andrew Robertson was relegated with Hull City last season and the Liverpool man struggled to believe he was into a Champions League final.
2 May 2018
Win or lose, Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson is determined to enjoy a Champions League final a year on from relegation with Hull City.
Ashley Young Manchester United
20 April 2018
A penalty-loving Serb, reinvented Manchester United full-back and free-scoring Seagull – they all feature in Barnaby Lane’s look at the top-flight stars who’ve pleasantly surprised in 2017/18
Andrew Robertson PFA team
5 April 2018
It's announced in late April, but let’s face it: the votes are in already and no player can change their status now. Which means Greg Lea can (almost certainly) predict the winners...


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