1 August 2007
"I got picked up by the police. He'd accused me of attempted murder"
1 March 2007
"I'm outgoing, good-looking, friendly, confident and modest"
1 November 2006
"Even though I supported Chelsea, and had a chance to go there, I went to Arsenal. Chelsea were s*it back then"
1 September 2006
"He's an amazing player, technically excellent and with a beautiful wife..."
1 May 2006
Arsenal have been annoying Spurs for years: they’ve moved in on their turf, stolen their captain, imitated their style and even managed to get them relegated. For the May 2006 FourFourTwo magazine, Mat Snow investigated the rivalry – with a little balancing help from a Gooner or two...
1 February 2006
"My heroes were Batman and Superman!"
1 February 2006
"I woke up on the way home from an away trip to Hull to find my face covered in Jaffa Cakes. I still haven’t found the culprit..."
1 October 2005
The Liverpool legend selects his dream line-up for FourFourTwo in October 2005. Sorry Thierry, it's the bench for you... 
1 June 2005
"Like Margaret Thatcher, I’ve always been able to get by on four hours sleep"
1 March 2005
"If I get something wrong, if I play badly, if I fail, I like people to have a go at me for it"


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