1 March 2005
"If I get something wrong, if I play badly, if I fail, I like people to have a go at me for it"
1 November 2003
"He was my hero as a kid, then I played with him for England and he was still playing after I retired. If I don't pick him, he'll kill me"
1 September 2003
For legions of fans the Spanish Civil War never really ended: every season it flares up again when Barcelona play Real Madrid. And as each side tries to outdo the other with star players and footballing excellence, the fixture has become the world's most keenly savoured club match. Andy Mitten reported for the September 2003 FourFourTwo magazine
31 January 2003
"What's a nice expression for cock-up? Let's just say it was a huge faux pas..."
19 August 1997
"I don't want to be remembered as just another player. I want to mark an era. I want to go down in the history of world football"


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