2 September 2011
"There’s a lot of competition at international level, so you’ve always got to play well and get in the face of the manager"
2 September 2011
"I just chuck the chicken on the pizza and throw it down my neck"
2 September 2011
"When I train with England I am looking up at Peter Crouch. It’s not very often I look up to people!"
2 September 2011
I think other countries are very different to us, but in this country the international captaincy is held in very high esteem
1 August 2011
"Jamie Oliver talks a lot. You could stick an orange in his mouth to muffle him, then get him on the grill and season him with oil, salt and pepper"
1 August 2011
"If he could just be quieter and not shout at referees, he'd be perfect!"
1 July 2011
"The English mentality is to work hard and try your best. The fans get everything from me and ?I think they appreciate that..."
1 February 2011
"A hoverboard or a singing puppy? Who writes these questions?"
1 November 2010
'When I got a trial I didn't really know who West Brom were'
10 October 2010
"I never joined the scouts, so there was never a Waddle woggle"


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