Jennison Myrie-Williams: Talentspotter

He's since played for another eight clubs before plumping for Port Vale but back in June 2007 the electric winger was turning heads at Bristol City. 

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Jeno. Not very original.

I’m a big Man United fan. I grew up in London but always loved watching the way United played, especially the Treble-winning side. Those guys were unbelievable.

I love running at defenders. I’m pretty confident with the ball at my feet and have got pace so I’m not afraid to take anyone on. I can also put my head up and spot a good pass, so I’m as happy creating goals as scoring them.

I would have to say my heading, and although it’s getting better it’s definitely something that needs a bit of work. The gaffer is always bawling at me to track back more too, so I better add that.

I play a bit like...
a mix between Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry in that I’m prepared to run at defenders and have a habit of drifting out wide. If you could combine that pair then you would definitely have some player on your hands!

It would have to be my first goal for Bristol City against Chesterfield in September. Alex Russell picked up the ball on the halfway line and sent me through, I beat a couple of players and then chipped the keeper from 25 yards – as soon as I hit it, I knew it was going in.

There have been a couple of times this season when I’ve had to sit games out, which is frustrating because you want to be in the team and contributing all the time.

Toughest opponent
Chris Morgan at Nottingham Forest is a big dude. I played against him when they beat us 1-0 at the City Ground and he didn’t take any prisoners. He could probably shoulder-barge someone into the Trent if he put his mind to it.

Best player played with
Our centre-back Louis Carey, he’s a class act and is a player who could definitely succeed at the highest level.

Biggest influence
My mum has always been there for me as has my agent. City boss Gary Johnson has also really looked out for me so far this season; he has given me a chance and I’m doing everything I can to make the most of it.

Biggest joker at the club
There’s always a lot of banter in our dressing room and most of it is started by either Scotty Murray or Louis Carey, they’re both funny guys.

Mini Cooper S.

Christina Milian, 110 per cent. Mind you, I have got a girlfriend so I better say her too!

I went to the cinema to see Saw 3 a few weeks ago. It was a bit freaky but good entertainment.

Preferred holiday destination
I’ve never really been anywhere apart from on pre-season football tours. I really fancy heading to the Dominican Republic though.

TV programmes
I’m addicted to Deal or No Deal, I just can’t get enough of it. I always make sure I’m in front of the television when Noel Edmonds comes on every afternoon.

If you hadn’t been a footballer...
I’ve not got a Scooby! Absolutely no idea. Even when I was young I only ever wanted to be a footballer so I have never given another career much thought.

Describe yourself in five words
Good-looking, amazing, smart, friendly and funny – is that five? Or does good-looking count as two?

Most embarrassing moment
There was a clip of me on Soccer AM shaking a linesman’s hand during a game, that’s probably top of the list at the moment.

If I could play alongside anyone...
I think me and Cristiano Ronaldo would play well together. He could dribble round five players and then pass to me so I could do the same.

In five years’ time I will be...
Playing in the Premiership.

From the June 2007 issue of FourFourTwo.