Edwin van der Sar Moscow 2008
15 March 2019
Tottenham and Manchester City will face off in this year's Champions League quarter-finals. Phwoar indeed: history suggests there could be fireworks, as Jon Spurling demonstrates
Paul Scholes Oldham
14 March 2019
Paul Scholes has chucked it in at Oldham after a disagreement with the club's direction. Nick Harper looks back at some more oh-so-brief stints
13 March 2019
Find out which stoppers come up trumps in our run-down of the greatest central defenders on the planet
12 March 2019
The Reds face a big challenge at Bayern Munich on Wednesday night after failing to win at Anfield – so can they take inspiration from massive fixtures of old? Istanbul not included...
Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid
11 March 2019
They say you should never go back, but managers do: Zinedine Zidane has returned to the Bernabeu for a second stint in charge. Who else couldn't stay away? 
Chelsea 2004-05
11 March 2019
Manchester City or Liverpool won't be breaking last season's record this time out, but both are projected to make it onto this list in 2018/19. It’s the best Premier League sides rated by points total, as profiled by Huw Davies
7 March 2019
Nearly all successful teams have quiet heroes who do the work but don't necessarily get the plaudits they deserve. Here are 10 players who didn't just get a Premier League medal, but played a bigger role than you might remember...
7 March 2019
It's World Book Day! So to celebrate, we're taking you to the finest of our top 50 list from 2016
Manchester United PSG
7 March 2019
The Red Devils pulled off an incredible upset against PSG on Wednesday – but how does that compare to a thriller against Real Madrid and the greatest display of Fergie’s reign? Try to contain yourself, Clive...
Garth Crooks Mr Blobby
6 March 2019
Garth Crooks did his bit to entertain the kids in our favourite decade, while Gary Mabbutt was an inexplicable ever-present. And there were others...
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