Madrid-based Mourinho mania cranked up another notch

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La Liga Loca hasn’t particularly got anything against Italian football, but it was really rooting for Bayern Munich, on Saturday night.

Actually, LLL’s pants are totally on fire. The blog has gone very native after a lengthy spell in Spain and has an awful lot against Italian football. After all, if matches are going to be fixed, why not make them even vaguely exciting in the process?

But the point is that LLL couldn’t give a rat’s rucksack about Inter. Or the Germans for that matter. But it did want to see Bayern batter their Italian opponents just to see how Marca span their way out of a football fix that would see the man now officially branded as T.S.O (The Special One) looking a little less bullet-proof.

Unfortunately, only Arjen Robben out of the German contingent bothered turning up for the final so José Mourinho’s godlike status went up a notch by winning a second Champions League title and looking very cool in the process.

Monday’s edition of the paper sees their second exclusive interview with the soon-to-be Bernabeu boss and the editorial oozing that “the super-production of Florentino finally has a top-class director...if he won everything with Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan, then why can’t he manage it with a squad that is better than anything he’s had before?”

“Because football doesn’t always work like that, which is why everyone still watches it” is the blog’s response but one that will fall on very deaf ears at Marca HQ.

The Barcelona press are starting to react to the news and are already sounding very spooked indeed - which is always tremendously fun to watch - with Sport’s José Lluis Carazo sulking that “it's jealously over the Champions of Barcelona that is driving Madrid.”

Unable to suggest that the treble-winning Mourinho is not much cop as a manger, Sport’s edition has gone numbers crazy with the claim that it will cost (Dr Evil finger in mouth) €120 million to bring T.S.O to the Santiago Bernabeu!

The paper reports that Mourinho will make €80m over four years (twice the amount given everywhere else) and that it will cost €20m to bring his training staff over from Milan. Then there’s the €12m need to fire Pellegrini and his posse. Where the other €8m is to be spent is left in the air by Sport.

However, there is still a lot of other football fun going on in Spain, not that you’d know it when reading the main papers.

Atlético Madrid are set to make a decision on whether to renew Quique Sánchez Flores’ contract. And yes, any club in their right mind would have done it right after the UEFA cup final. But Atlético have not been in their right mind for some time.

But there is still some good news for the Rojiblancos - but not for poor West Brom - with the disastrous defender Pablo Ibañez apparently heading to the Hawthorns with his contract now up at the Vicente Calderón.

AS are also reporting that Fran Mérida has signed for the club from Arsenal, although LLL feels that the midfielder may simply be a poor man’s José Jurado.

Goalkeeper Diego López and striker Giuseppe Rossi are set to do one from El Madrigal with Villarreal manager, Juan Carlos Garrido, noting that the financial times are testing at the moment for the club. “If there are offers for these players we’ll probably accept them” admitted Garrido.

Everyone is up for sale at the Oh-No! Estadi with Mallorca about to go into administration and set to lose manager Gregorio Manzano to either Sevilla or Atlético Madrid. Anyone with the means of paying him, really.

And in news that is probably only exciting to the blog and maybe one heroic reader, Valladolid central midfielder Borja Fernández has joined Getafe to replace the departing Fabio Celestini. And with that transfer, José Mourinho will find that Barcelona is not the only club he will have to beat back, next season.

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