Russia reacts to being awarded the 2018 World Cup

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Right now you probably hate Russia and just want to close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears when anyone says “2018 World Cup”, but here’s what the reaction has been out east.

“Russia is humbled in being recently named as host country for 2018 FIFA World Cup! We are now ready to go to work in preparing a remarkable tournament experience that will surprise the world of football and serve to realise the true promise and power of the FIFA World Cup.”
Official World Cup bid website

“Hurrah! Victory! We're hosting the 2018 championship! Now we have to get ready for hosting the World Cup. And, of course, perform well.”
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev via Twitter

"We are honoured to win in this tough and fair fight. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."
Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin

“FIFA could have chosen a country which is already prepared to host a World Cup, England for instance. Instead, they chose a country to invest into. The choice was actually between the present and the future and they opted for the latter.”
NTV+ television pundit Sergey Akulinin

'I have no doubt that the tournament will be held at the highest level. I remember how the Soviet Union was preparing for the Olympics in 1980, it was a real celebration!'
Manager Valery Gazzaev

“Congratulations go to the Russian national team who finally qualified for the World Cup. We missed out on 3 out of the last 4. Well done!”
Artur Petrosyan’s chief football editor on Twitter

“Yes, the English could hold the tournament today, but, you see, in seven years the requirements will be different, there will be stadiums, hotels and airports. It's a big plus for us to start from scratch.”
Former Russian international Andrei Kanchelskis

You have entrusted us with the FIFA World Cup for 2018 and I just can promise, we all can promise, you will never regret it. Let us make history together. We are building a new Russia. … We can achieve this better and quicker with your help.”
Russia's deputy prime minister Igor Shuvalov

"Dear friends, I heartily congratulate everyone in this brilliant victory… I congratulate the huge army of Russian fans. I congratulate all those who prepared and supported the bid. We will of course have experience in holding such events after the 2014 Olympics, but this is a huge and a serious event.”
Dmitry Medvedev

“For our country, this is an historic event.”
CSKA Moskva manager Leonid Slutsky

“This decision corresponds with the philosophy of FIFA.”
Russian Football Union President Sergei Fursenko

“I’m very happy, because this is a huge event. None of us yet understands what it means for the country. Probably a lot of us will only understand after 2018.”
Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin

“We won!”
National team manager Dick Advocaat

“I am happy for Russia.”
Former national team manager Guus Hiddink