Sergio Aguero: Q&A

Manchester City and Argentina striker Sergio Aguero speaks exclusively to FourFourTwo about the 2014 World Cup, his famous father-in-law and THAT title-winning goal...

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How have the English fans treated you?
In general, they have been good. Manchester City fans have, of course, been great to me. They have given me the energy to succeed since I arrived in England.

What was it like when you scored the goal to give Manchester City the title?
It was incredible. I couldn't believe it. The crowd was cheering and my team-mates hugged me. It was amazing. It was the greatest moment in my career.

How happy were you for the fans?
The goal and the title was for them. They suffered with us all season. Only later did I realise what we had accomplished by the way the people reacted to us winning the title. It was such a joyous moment.

What are your goals for the coming season?
Repeating as champion is a priority, but so is the Champions League. I think we have the players to win the tournament. It would be the ultimate prize for us. It is something we are focused on.  

Your father-in-law, Diego Maradona, isn't particularly loved in England since 'the Hand of God'. Is that a fair assessment?
True. He is not treated with a lot of respect. He deserves so much of it because he was such a great player. Our relationship is very good. We talk about soccer, but not all the time. We also talk about other things. He is part of my family. He means a lot to me.

Are you excited about the 2014 World Cup and the prospect of playing in Brazil?
First we have to qualify, which we will, and then it's really open. I think we and Brazil are favored. I think it helps that the tournament will be played in South America. I think it gives us an advantage over the other teams.

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