The best kids' soccer cleats you can buy right now

Kids' soccer cleats

If you’ve got a soccer-mad child who outgrows their cleats every six months and don’t know where to look for a new pair, we’re here to help.

We’ve drawn up a shortlist of the best-looking, most comfortable and longest-lasting wheels available to suit every possible budget and position on the pitch. Have a scroll through our reviews and you’ll be certain to find the perfect pair.


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If you’re tired of your young 'un nagging you for a new pair of soccer cleats, then why not treat them to a new pair of cutting-edge cleats? The PUMA Future is out in time for pre-season.

The cleat has been built specifically for goalscorers, and will be worn by the likes of Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku in 2019/20. It features an evoKNIT sock for the snuggest of fits, and a stud configuration designed specifically for the types of hard surfaces encountered during the summer months.

For years, New Balance have been the soccer cleat equivalent of the ugly duckling –but they've completed a swan-like transformation with some of their latest releases. The flame-coloured Furon 4.0 is a minimalist, ultra-light cleat perfect for forwards and creative players.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your little wonderkid turning their ankles on rock-hard pitches, either, with conical shaped studs designed specifically for firm ground.

Pre-season can leave your mind, body and feet screaming for mercy after weeks of hard running, but with the right pair of cleats you needn’t worry about your child suffering fractured metatarsals or sore soles. The PUMA King is a classic and remains one of the comfiest pairs on the market.

They’re not just built for running from box to box, either: the leather upper ensures the sweetest of connections with the ball and is long lasting, so you won’t have to fork out for a new pair any time soon.

In a market dominated by big-name brands, Italian manufacturer Pantofola d’Oro are still going strong with their premium leather cleats. The Emidio Premio is one of the lightest ever pairs, making it perfect for those long and short pre-season runs.

Every pair is handmade and that attention to detail is evident in the fit, which is among the most comfortable out there. The brilliant blue colour will also help you to spot your little boy or girl with ease from the touchline.

You don’t see too many players wearing Mizuno these days, but one of the brand’s classic designs remains one of the most durable around. The Morelia is made of a full-grain synthetic leather upper, which means it’s tough enough to ride tackles, inclement weather and the occasional spin around the washing machine.

The traditional central lacing system and tongue make for a comfortable fit, while the soleplate has been designed specifically for firm and artificial surfaces.

They’re certainly not the cheapest kids’ soccer cleats on the market, but they will gain you brownie points in the cool department. The red and white design has a spray-paint look, while the 360-degree fit is designed to ensure a perfect fit when running and turning in all directions.

Another feature of the Superfly is the ACC technology used across the Nike range, which optimises ball control in both wet and dry conditions.

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