Unai Emery
31 December 2018
Gunners boss tells fans to hold fire for 22 years, Back of the Net reveal
Liverpool fans
28 December 2018
Reds could be ‘dangerously smug’, Back of the Net reports
Home Alone
21 December 2018
Ever wondered how the worlds of Christmas films and the Premier League might collide? No? Well, Huw Davies has...
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
21 December 2018
Solskjaer is quite literally whipping United into shape, Back of the Net reports
Thomas Tuchel, PSG
17 December 2018
The Ligue 1 giants are taking absolutely everything for granted, Back of the Net reports
Vinnie Jones
11 December 2018
Players are too wise to expose themselves to the pitfalls of boozy festive fun these days, but they were a highlight of the year once upon a time – much to their detriment... 
Raheem Sterling racism
10 December 2018
The Football Association has kicked racism out of football, the Football Association has triumphantly confirmed to Back of the Net
Breaking Arsenal
7 December 2018
Gunners stars are said to be ‘whacked out on helium, krypton and Oganesson-294’, Back of the Net reveals
Mark Hughes Southampton
3 December 2018
Saints have informed Hughes that the club has been disbanded, Back of the Net reveals
30 November 2018
Spurs want to know that their new facility is ready to host heart-breaking losses, Back of the Net reports


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