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Video: Mike Dean leads cringy celebration after scoring terrible goal in refs' game

Dean was filmed slicing the ball into the back of the net during a match involving the Premier League's top matchday officials.

The footage comes from Sky Sports' documentary The Referees, Onside with Carragher & Neville which offers an inside look into the life of a top-flight middle man.

And in a rare, unforgivable act of referees being human, Dean – with colleagues Anthony Taylor and Martin Atkinson – has shown off his alternative side by running the length of the pitch in a co-ordinated celebration after scoring a scrappy goal.

Mike Dean. The man, the myth, the legend.

— Joe (@jawtonloe) April 2, 2017

Dean has developed a special reputation within the game for his exaggerated actions and humourous (if unintentional) antics, including when he couldn't contain his excitement for a Tottenham goal against Aston Villa last season.

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