George Graham Tottenham
24 July 2019
Some poor gaffers have it hard from the start – and most find that they never even stood a chance in the first place. Behold… 
Steve Bruce Sunderland Newcastle
18 July 2019
As Steve Bruce takes charge of his fifth top-flight club, we test you on the division's ultimate movers and shakers
Neymar bench
18 July 2019
Neymar is apparently trying to choose his next club as he desperately seeks an exit from PSG. Jon Spurling unearths some other footballers who morphed into Charlie Big Potatoes
Mourinho Chelsea 2015-16
15 July 2019
Expectations often go unfulfilled – but sometimes they just prove wildly misguided. Tom Seymour on the sides whose realities were more horrifying than they thought possible
Kalvin Phillips Tottenham
12 July 2019
Tottenham will challenge Aston Villa and Newcastle for the signature of Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips, say reports.
11 July 2019
Fans love to see an old hero returning to the place they once called home - but not every comeback has a happy ending
Contracted transfers
10 July 2019
Sometimes, just saying nothing works out best for everyone concerned – as these players who went against their word soon found out
Marcelo Bielsa Leeds United
5 July 2019
Who requires what this summer? From dream deals to sensible stopgaps, Adrian Clarke runs the rule over every second-tier side's summer requirements
Premier League quiz
4 July 2019
Chelsea may make the list with baby-faced Frank – but they still have to go some way to beat neighbours Fulham, who once hired a 32-year-old as full-time gaffer


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