Agger’s incentive to Liverpool: free tattoos

Liverpool defender Danny Agger has promised to tattoo the entire squad if the club can win the Premiership and secure its first league title in 19 years. The Danish international is a qualified tattoo artist with a number of illustrations across his own body, and has designs upon his team-mates if they can beat Manchester United and Chelsea to the Premiership crown. “He has a number of tattoos already and has a real flair for the art, but some of the older players aren’t too sure,” said a Liverpool source. “Danny has told a few of the lads he has a special design in mind.” Agger’s own tattoos include tribal symbols and a picture of a Viking with the Latin quote Memento mori – “Remember you will die”. He also has the names of his brother and sister across his chest, and on his back another Latin inscription reads Mors certa hora incerta – “Death is certain, but the hour is uncertain”. As well as being a qualified tattoo artist, Agger owns a pub in Denmark with his uncle. It’s not known whether any victorious Liverpool squad might prefer free drinking, not free inking.

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