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Aguirre denies any involvement in fixing

The Mexican was in charge of Zaragoza from November 2010 until December 2011, his tenure including a league match with Levante on the final day of the 2010-11 season.

Aguirre's side won the game 2-1 to secure their top flight status, but the game was subsequently flagged as one of nine to be investigated by the Spanish league.

However, the 56-year-old, who is now Japan's head coach, insists there was no fixing of the match and his summons to the investigation should not have any bearing on his current role.

"I worked in Spain for 12 years and I have never done anything unethical or unprofessional," he said at the Japan FA headquarters on Saturday. "The only thing you need to win is effort. I don't give anyone presents and I don't go looking for any.

"I will cooperate fully with the prosecutors and defend myself until the end.

"The lawyer has told me that I would be called at a time that does not affect my work. I am not going to waste even one minute thinking about anything other than winning the Asian Cup.

"I will tell the players exactly what I am telling you now. I am a manager and I am concentrating on the task in hand. I would like you to look at the 39 years of my career. This will not affect my job in the slightest

"The players involved in the match are still playing every weekend, and the Zaragoza directors are still doing their jobs. The referee from that match is still blowing his whistle. Why shouldn't I be allowed to carry on with my job? I am innocent until proven guilty, and I have the right to work.

"It was just the same as any other game I managed. I prepared to win and made my substitutions to win. The other team's goalkeeper made some good saves, but there was nothing he could do about our goals because they were great goals."

Aguirre's Japan will contest the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia in January looking to defend their title.