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Alaba: Guardiola reinvented football

Bayern Munich defender David Alaba has taken the time to praise Pep Guardiola and feels the former Barcelona coach has reinvented football with his unique philosophy.

Alaba has been working with Guardiola since the latter took charge of Bayern in 2013 and he believes the Bavarians would not have been as successful without the 45-year-old.

"The coach is very demanding but it's really amazing to train with him," Alaba was quoted as saying by The Guardian. "It's like he reinvented football.

"He thinks about football 24 hours a day, he's always explaining to us on the screen what's the best way to attack, best way to defend, the best way to play with the ball.

"Now that he's here in his third year, we understand him better as well. We wouldn't be as successful without him. He's given us the best tools, you can see it in our game.

"His detailed preparation makes it easier for us to beat opponents. And to beat them better as well.

"Will Guardiola's departure at the end of the season affect us? We have goals and dreams that we work very hard for to achieve. We don't have a lot of space in our heads to worry about other things."