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Bayern boss Guardiola assists Japan rugby team

Former Australia coach Jones steered Japan to an eighth consecutive World Cup appearance after defeating Hong Kong in the final of the Asian Five Nations in May.

Japan have been placed in Pool B alongside South Africa, Samoa, Scotland and United States.

And Jones has switched codes to help Japan's World Cup bid, working closely with two-time UEFA Champions League-winner Guardiola to improve his team's tactical awareness.

"I watched Bayern train and had a really good meeting with the head coach and I really think we can improve greatly with adjustments in the way we train," he said.

"He is the best soccer coach in the world and you always want to learn from the best.

"The main thing we learned this year was that we have to be tactically more flexible. We need to react to situations on the field and make adjustments to the way we play.

"The soccer approach is called tactical periodisation, in which everything is done in preparation for the game and in order to be tactically aware."

Jones added: "Rugby and soccer are very similar in that you always want to move the ball into space and Bayern Munich and his previous team Barcelona played the most fantastic passing game you have ever seen.

"The principles are exactly the same. The very best soccer teams vary their depth and formation in order to make the most of the space. So when you get the chance to learn from the best it's a fantastic opportunity."